Guide To Set Up A Carolina Rig For Bass Fishing

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One can use this rig almost anywhere they feel sure there’s bass to catch. Heavy areas of cover are the only places one has to stay away from and sites where a lot of trees or other big,Guest Posting tough vegetation exist that can catch hold of the rig’s components and snag one up. Other than that, one’s Carolina Rig playground is their river. One should make sure to drag the points up and down and around it. Strike those humps and grassy underwater areas.

When one senses that the arrangement is altering, they should pay special attention. One should stop moving their rig if they feel this and let it rest in the area for a little while. One might just be above a mine of gold. Bass is going to hold in one place that is separate from everything around it. Work again in this field, and it should prove fruitful.

Fishing a Carolina Rig is often referred to as dragging “Old Ball and Chain;” due to the strong love-hate relationship, many bass anglers have developed this strategy. They hate it because carrying around a heavyweight all day isn’t as fun as flipping a jig or working a top-water frog. They love it, though, because it’s flat out catching fish when other methods don’t or can’t.

Carolina rig fishing is difficult to beat in terms of flexibility. It operates north to south in all forms of lakes, clear to stained, and in all the seasons of the year. Yet many new bass anglers, perhaps because of the more involved rigging required, are reluctant to learn the Carolina Rig setup. This guide will take the interested ones through each part of the C-Rig step by step, and the next time they reach the lake, they will be ready to throw it.


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